Who We Are

One Nation Under Sunset!

Sunset Auto Club provides a meeting ground for car enthusiasts living in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area to gather and socialize. We are dedicated to meeting at least once a month for events hosted both by the club as well as other organizations that support local communities, businesses and charities. Members include successful professionals, community leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners with varying nationality, age and gender all bonded by the love for cars.

Although we all share similar interest, none of our cars categorically fit together. Our member's customized cars are of different makes, models, styles and era - all of which are cool and bad ass in their own distinctive way. Club members have access to a wonderful range of events that offer excitement, variety and adventure while exploring their passion for automobiles and curated experiences.

Our club is open to all makes, models and era because we believe that a cool car has no boundaries. As long as your car meets our style, power and performance quality criteria, we'll consider you to ride with us - One Nation Under Sunset!

What We Stand For

Performance, style, handling, horsepower, torque and sound.

Great time and laid-back vibe of fun with friends, family and other car enthusiasts.

Experience the thrill of an open road adventure.

Meet like-minded individuals and form a new, long lasting bond and friendship.

Expand your network and connect with other professionals, community leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners.

What We Do

We host our own exclusive, members-only car meets as well as attend other public and open ones hosted by other organizations. We ride together to events, as a family – One Nation Under Sunset!

Cars & Coffee:

Wake up early to secure the best parking spots for your pride and joy and "talk cars" with other like-minded individuals.

Scenic Cruise/Drive:

From shorelines to mountain valleys to skylines, cruise through the best scenic routes with incredible terrain and sights. Just for a few hours, we take a scenic drive along areas with the best views in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


Car rally across state lines that brings best hotels, hottest nightspots, fine dinning with open bars, epic track events and concierge services.


Access to auto and motorsports exhibition of current automobile models, debuts, concept cars and out-of-production classics.

Track Day:

Get on an indoor and/or outdoor race circuits and explore it’s performance in a safe, controlled and professional environment. Our track days are non-competitive, strictly for fun.

Fundraising & Awareness:

Make a difference by getting involved with events for a good cause.

Community Festival:

Get together and celebrate things that make a community special and evoke good feelings from live music and performances to parades through the town.

Upcoming Schedule

Hunt Valley Horsepower Cars & Coffee

Event Type: Public (Open)

Location: Cockeysville, MD

Date/Time: Sat, Aug 18, 2018 | 7-11am

19th Annual Labor Day Car Show

Location: Sterling, VA

Date/Time: Mon, Sep 3, 2018 | 8am-3pm

Club Completions

Happy Members!

  • 12 Car Meets
  • 4 Scenic Cruises
  • 2 Rallies
  • 5 Exhibitions
  • 3 Track Days
  • 7 Fundraisers
  • 2 Community Festivals